Grandpa Buys Houses

May I speak with the owner of the home for sale please?

This is the owner.

This is ________ with EXP REALTY. Tell me - have you sold your home yet?

No, we havenít sold it yet, and we are not listing with an agent.

I understand that. Let me ask you this, are you cooperating with real estate agents -by that I mean if an agent brought you a qualified buyer at a price acceptable to you, would you being willing to pay at least a partial commission?

Well, we might pay a couple percent.

Great. My office is currently working with a lot of qualified buyers, and over the years we have sold a lot of for sale by owner homes on a partial commission basis.

 What I need to do is stop by your home to take a quick look to see if it matches up with the needs of any of our current buyers. It will only take 10 or 15 minutes, and I will not be trying to pressure you to list or anything like that. In fact, I have a new special report called How to sell your home yourself, for the highest possible price, without paying a big commission. It is very informative and I will bring a free copy to leave with you when I stop by. I can stop by this afternoon or tomorrow morning, which is best for your schedule?